AdWeek X 10th Anniversary

So two weeks ago I had the honor of attending Adweek X in New York City. Being from around the city I already know the magic that comes with the first time you set your eyes on those streets. Having the chance to rub elbows with the advertising industry’s elite and pick their brains on the latest information.

But I was there for 4 days so what did I learn:

PASSION– Every time I spoke to a professional they told me if the love or passion is not there then get out quick.  Let the passion drive your ideas for the brand that you’re working with. People will know from the brands lowest level employee to their CEO how much passion you have and can see how much it drives your work.

-Digital- Yes print advertising will always exist to point. But if you cannot figure out the online mediums in which to advertise mine as well write your ticket to unemployment. You do not need college classes to learn pick up your laptop and start reading there are tons of materials out there that can help you step up your game. Recently I am In the Google Analytics Academy, which is free 8-week online course. Check it out, I hear you get a nice certificate once you finish.

-Make friends with everyone– Do you know the saying “Be nice to everyone on the way up” Shake hands with people, hand your card out, ask them out to coffee to learn more about them. Its ok, trust me it’s not awkward.  You learn something from everyone you meet.

In just 4 days I met CEO’s and creative directors from the worlds leading agencies. If you imagine a global brand they were there. Getting to drink a beer with a Microsoft Executive or talk with Major League Baseball’s Advanced Media team. I definitely recommend attending if you have the time next year.


Adweek X Logo

Adweek X Logo


Starbuck’s Origin Experience


Storytelling is becoming increasingly relevant in the advertising world.

As evidence, I attended Ad Week, which is a major conference for agencies and brands. Storytelling was a major theme. People want the story and the people behind brand. If brands show they have conscious, they can expect brand loyalty and honest public feedback.

Element of a good story in the video is allowing us to connect with the Starbucks employees.  Showings us a people driven plot that gives us that sense of connection that allows for a good story to take place. Also not smothering the brand in our face and allowing for organic chemistry to happen.




The brand took its everyday employees that make “average” salaries and placed them in what we consider 3rd world countries.  It allowed for the watcher to connect with the brand in a way that is authentic. This is the best advertising you can have out there.  Bringing a global issue of workers rights and attaching it to product that is near and dear to many Americans.


A good ending is what we all crave at the end of a movie. What happened to the employees in the videos? Did they take back valuable lessons that help improve the Starbucks customer experience? Starbucks gained such valuable information and the way the content was presented to its consumers did not show a smart utilization plan.



Starbucks overall scored a win with the videos. It shows that the brand is living with a conscious. It now has good footage of how it treats its employees with respect. Showing that it is a global brand it demonstrates there is always an underlying story to the products we consume.


Through the Origin Experience, Starbucks has taken groups of their partners to Costa Rica, Sumatra, Indonesia and Tanzania, Africa to experience first-hand the incredible hard work and passion that goes into each pound of coffee they sell. See the project at

Social Media and how to get started

So you have no idea how to brand yourself?

Well most of you already are; some in good ways and some not in the greatest ways possible.

Every time you post something to the “Twitter World” or share your favorite photo on Facebook you are stamping your brand name to the World Wide Web

So here are some quick steps on how to brand yourself using social media and if you already have these accounts how to tidy them up a bit

1. Facebook:

Clean your profile picture up! (its ok to have a beer in hand if your of age but PLEASE do not make it seem like you are about to fall over from that beer/s)

Watch what you post; if your reading this I’m assuming you can write a coherent sentence so communicate to your friends like your an adult.

Check your privacy settings; once you become famous (because that will happen) everyone is going to want to flock to your profile so check who can see what and remember who is on your friends list.

2. Twitter:

Choose an appropriate handle:  Using your name is the easy way but if you want to attract people choose a name associated with how you want people to know you.

Retweet and then some: If you like science retweet cool thing about science, if you like Yankee baseball retweet that and people will respect you for that. Develop the authority of expertise in your know-how area. Let the expert of — scream out across the Twittersphere.

Don’t lock down your account: Employers know you have something to hide so show the world what you got. (in 140 characters or less)

3. Linkedin

Living Resume: Share it with anyone you want to rub elbows with and show off your accomplishments.

Recommendations: Ask your co-workers, group leaders, or people that know your skills to write a quick paragraph saying your AMAZING.

Update: Use a professional head shot and make sure your information is up to date, you would not want Bill Gates seeing an old resume would you now?

Now get to work and I will be back next week with some more great info!


Credited to Jason A. Howie

Credited to Jason A. Howie